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Payment & Cancellation

Terms of Payment and Cancellation

The Website allows you to register for online courses operated by ARLA. You agree to provide accurate personal information in the registration process, including your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and payment information. You agree to update such information in order to ensure its ongoing accuracy.

Completion of the online order form does not represent the ARLA’s acceptance of the registration, and is subject to confirmation by ARLA.

Making an Online Payment

The online payment system provides an easy, flexible method to enable to pay registration fees.

Course Fees

All fees are subject to change, in which case we reserve the right to charge the fee applicable at the time we receive your registration

Cancellation and Substitution

No refunds will be given to registrants who are unable to proceed and/or complete the course.

Substitutions for paid registrants may be made at any time. However, written notice is required, and for complete accuracy, must include all pertinent changes for the substituting registrant. Should a full refund for the registration fee be required to the original attendee’s credit card, then all required credit card information for substituting registrant must be provided in order for the new transaction to be processed at the same time. ARLA must approve the substitution prior to commencing the course.

If any circumstances or events beyond the control of the ARLA causes cancellation of all or any portion of the course, ARLA agrees to refund any portion of the registration fee for which ARLA is reimbursed by insurance or another third party and shall not be liable for any other refund or payment arising from the cancellation or for other liability or damages arising from the course.

Cancellation policy is subject to change at any time without notice.


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